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    July 21, 2024
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  • Ethics for the Labor Assistance Professional
    Updated On: Mar 02, 2015
    Mission Statement
    The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to insure a clear cut and precise text of good and ethical practices among Labor Assistance Professionals and members. This will include providing education and training with regard to Labor Assistance Professionals Code of Ethics so that the standards for our members and the profession and the clients we serve should always benefit from our conduct.

    The Labor Assistance Professionals Executive Board and Executive Committee at the request of our membership, has developed and adopted this code of ethics. We base this code on the good behavioral standards, values and practices that are self-evident in our diverse and rich history in the employment assistance field. We have adopted this code to insure and encourage Labor Assistance Professional members to adhere to high standards of ethical behavior for the benefit of our clients/members. This code shall apply to activities and relationships from other disciplines and the local community as well as society as a whole with a special sensitivity to Unions and the Labor Movement as a whole.

    Professional Competency
    Labor Assistance Professionals (L.A.P.) practitioners shall be competent and proficiently knowledgeable about the policies of union/management agreements, federal and local rules surrounding issues that affect their clients, L.A.P. direct services, L.A.P. policies and administration, Human Resources, community programs and their availability, with a special sensitivity to chemical dependency and alcohol abuse.
    Decisions shall be made to the clients/members best interest in treatment modality and continuance of care. L.A.P. members shall recognize their boundaries of competence and shall provide services only for which the L.A.P. practitioner is qualified as a result of his/her training and experience. L.A.P. practitioners shall be competent in addressing chemical dependency, alcohol abuse, other addictions and emotional disorders.
    L.A.P. practicing members shall have continuing education and training programs to maintain and enhance proficiency and competency.
    Members are urged and bound to recognize the effects of personal impairment of their professional performance and quality of services to their clients/members and in turn be willing to seek appropriate treatment for themselves or a colleague in such an instance.

    Professional Conduct
    All members shall perform their professional conduct and behavior in an ethical and legal manner.
    A member shall be considered in violation of this code if, within 2 years prior to joining L.A.P., or at any time during his/her membership:

    • has his/her license or certification is suspended or revoked or is disciplined by other recognized regulatory bodies.
    • is convicted of a felony.
    • is convicted of a misdemeanor related to his/her professional conduct.
    • is no longer competent to practice because he/she is impaired due to mental causes or the abuse of alcohol or other substances.
    • is determined to have operated outside the recognized boundaries of his/her professional competencies.
    • is determined to have engaged in behavioral injuries to L.A.P. as a whole.
    • Labor Assistance Professionals should have a basic belief in the dignity and worth of all human beings, never to be based on race, religion, sexual orientation, color of skin, gender or place of birth.
    • To strictly adhere to established rules of confidentiality of all records, materials and knowledge of persons served in accordance with all current government regulations and professional practices.
    • To encourage professional development through ongoing education and training.
    • To respect the unique characteristics between the Labor Assistance practitioner and their clients which prohibits any exploitive interpersonal transactions, which includes but are not limited to, business, financial or intimate social activities which may put the vulnerable client at risk.


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